Michael Jackson Ever After

"Don't be afraid to know who you are. 

You are much more than you ever imagined."

-Michael Jackson


One Note in the Symphony of Love, in honor of the Maestro

 This website, Michael Jackson Ever After, was originally created as a connection between Ever After, the book, and the people who wanted to order it.  Now Ever After and Forever Loved, our second book, are available on Amazon and the function of this site has changed to be a tribute to Michael Jackson, then, now and "ever after".  The publishing of Ever After, the culmination of my dream, has turned out to be only the beginning of the adventures and accomplishments that I have been a part of in Michael's name.  My mission and purpose has become to share the legacy of Michael Jackson with the world, and to live my life as he did, with love as the answer to every question.      BJ